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Use of the Social Security Administration Death Master File for ascertainment of mortality status

What is included in a DMF search? How accurate is the data? Who can access these files? This version is provided to the U.


What is its value? What are its implications? Certified persons, also called Subscribers, must have a legitimate fraud prevention interest, or have a legitimate business purpose pursuant to a law, governmental rule, regulation, or fiduciary duty in order to be certified under the program.

History of Social Security

Department of Commerce. Starting in December, the administration has communicated the following:. On March 2, SSA released 1,, historical death records in addition to normal death record updates. Sharing these deaths will increase the accuracy, integrity, and completeness of our records as well as the DMF. We will notify you a week prior to receiving an increased volume of death information in your files.

You can expect to receive an anticipated volume along with that communication. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Within the healthcare industry, many professionals in various departments including human resource, compliance, credentialing, and more are tasked with ensuring that no individual or organization is behaving fraudulently. Here are a few examples of how these professionals are keeping patients safe and catching bad actors with enhanced background screening and ongoing monitoring. Let us know!

Searching the Social Security Death Index in One Step

Please feel free to reach out in an email or call! Michael brings over 20 years of experience founding and leading risk mitigation businesses, receiving numerous accolades such as Inc. His Social Security number was issued in New York, which is also the state in which he died. Born on 18 January and died in November His Social Security number was issued in the state of California. It further notes that she died on 29 June and that her Social Security number was issued in New York. Begin your search broadly by searching on just a first and last name. Then you can narrow your search by adding a birth or death year.

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