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For those looking for a beach experience, Ecuador has plenty to choose from, each with its own atmosphere. Featured Jobs.

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Teach in Ecuador. Find teaching jobs abroad. Teaching in Ecuador Options for teaching in Ecuador Teaching English in Ecuador is possible in private language schools as well as universities, although the latter will require higher qualifications. Salary and benefits when teaching in Ecuador Salaries in Ecuador will vary dramatically based on qualifications. Apply now.

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What you need to teach in Ecuador Qualifications to teach in Ecuador In order to teach English in Ecuador, teachers do not necessarily need a TEFL certificate or previous experience, although having one or both will open up many opportunities for higher-paying jobs. Visas for teachers in Ecuador Once a job offer has been extended, schools will usually work with teachers to prepare the necessary documentation to obtain a working visa in Ecuador. Apply to Teach in Ecuador Your new teaching journey starts here. Were you a high school or college athlete? Play on a local sports team just for fun?

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That knowledge of the sport and experience can make you more valuable to the school. The higher your level of experience in a sport, the more valuable you are to the school. Have you lived in multiple countries and speak numerous languages? Private schools value diversity and life experience, which can help teachers better connect with students from around the world. Think about your experience and activities, and how they might help make you a stronger candidate. Always check out the sports and activities a school offers to find out if you might be able to help them in more ways than one.

Share Flipboard Email. Stacy Jagodowski has over 15 years of experience in admissions, teaching, and marketing and communications for private schools. Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. This experience need not be formal teaching in a school setting, although certainly any type of teaching experience would be a plus. Pursuits such as working as a camp counselor, leading a Boy Scout or Brownie troop, coaching a little league team, working with a church youth group, tutoring local students or any other activity which enables you to develop leadership skills and an understanding of the nature and needs of young people will be beneficial.

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It will be of primary importance to prospective employers that you are able to relate to the students with whom you will be working and, in some instances, living. Many private schools have special programs during the summers, for their own or other students. Check with schools near you to find out about such programs as a possible source of summer employment and as an excellent way to gain experience.

This is usually pertinent only to boarding schools, but can play a large part in the hiring decision at such schools. Many schools stress the personal interaction between students and faculty, and the establishment of a sense of community, as an important part of the private school experience. Many boarding schools require faculty, especially beginning teachers, to live on the school grounds or in the student dormitories. If you are unwilling to accept this type of living arrangement, you should be sure to investigate schools thoroughly and should simply not apply to schools where on-campus living is required.

Also keep in mind the on-campus housing factor when considering salary issues. How do I conduct a private school job search?

Teaching Job Websites

In order to conduct an effective search you should begin during the Fall semester whether using a placement agency or not to give yourself sufficient time to complete the following steps: Establish your parameters. The first step in any job search is to decide what you are looking for. Identify and research potential employers. Once personal parameters are established, you can use directories available in many libraries or online directories such as PrivateSchoolReview.

It would be to your benefit to look online or call the schools and request more detailed information such as a school handbook, curriculum guide, etc. However it is suggested to not wait for an ad to appear to begin your outreach to the schools of interest. Develop your resume and cover letter.

outviaphahungrunt.tk As mentioned earlier, your resume should clearly reflect your interest in and experiences involving teaching, working with young people and any extracurricular activities in which you have participated. Your academic background, including minors or other concentrations, and any awards or honors indicating high academic achievement, should be featured. If you are a graduate of an independent secondary school, you should include the name of your school on the resume, since independent schools are often especially interested in graduates of their own or other independent schools.

Your cover letter should identify for the reader the type of position for which you are applying and should highlight your special qualifications. Your cover letter is an appropriate place to communicate to the employer why you are interested in a position teaching in an independent school, or their school in particular, and anything you feel is special about you, which might not appear on your resume. You should also take advantage of the opportunity to have your resume critiqued by a UCS counselor.

Independent school employers generally require that you provide letters of recommendation at some point during the interview process.

In order to expedite the process of providing recommendations you may establish a recommendations file containing letters from each recommendation. To create a new file, visit Interfolio. There is a one-time fee for creating an electronic portfolio, as well as fees for separate mailings if you provide an e-mail address for the employer where you want your file sent, it may reduce mailing costs.

Contact schools regarding employment. When contacting schools, send your resume and cover letter to the headmaster, or, if the school is large enough, the personnel department or the chairperson of the department in which you would like to teach if one exists.

You may also be asked to provide a university transcript and, as mentioned above, letters of recommendation. A week or two after you mail your resume, follow up with a phone call to be certain your information was received and to determine if any openings exist and whether or not you can arrange a time to meet if traveling to the area or an interview if their vacancies are known at that time but if unknown, focus on getting an in-person meeting to set you apart from other candidates.

In addition to full time permanent employment, a number of independent schools offer post-graduate internship opportunities as a way of entering a career in independent school teaching. These programs are generally one-year commitments, are usually paid although usually at a reduced salary , often provide mentoring by an experienced teacher, and sometimes include the possibility of taking college coursework towards obtaining teaching certification.

Interview for the job. When interviewing for a teaching job, you should be prepared to discuss your academic preparation, any teaching or related experience you have, and the extracurricular activities in which you have been involved. At many independent schools, it is quite likely that you will be asked to teach a sample class as part of the interview process.

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