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It is important that you keep a look out for these fees. A joining fee is the fee which needs to be paid to get the credit card and an annual fee is a sum of money to be paid at the end of each year. Annual fee and joining fee are minimal for the basic credit cards and the more benefits a card offers, the annual and joining fee increases.

Many cards offer a waiver of annual fee if you spend a certain sum of money in a year. All in all, the benefits of the card must be greater than the fee of the card.

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Gone are the days where you had to trudge to the bank to apply for a credit card. Today, applying for one is extremely simple. All you need is an internet connection. If you have that, you can apply for a credit card online. Applying for a credit card online is as easy as booking a movie ticket online. Here are the steps:. Note: Each bank may have a different application procedure.

Visit the bank's website for more details regarding how to apply for their credit card online. Wondering if you are eligible for a credit card? Check out the eligibility criteria for credit cards. Do keep in mind though that depending on the type of card you are applying for and the issuing bank, the criteria may differ.

BankBazaar offers end-to-end application process, wherein you can browse through most of the credit cards offered by various banks, compare and apply for the best credit card in just a few clicks.

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Let's look at the perks that we offer for applying for a credit card through us. Robust comparison tool: Before availing a credit card, it is always advisable to compare various cards to find the best. But the process of comparing is not that easy, and a lot of people tend to avoid it, ending up with a wrong card.

To solve this problem, BankBazaar introduced a platform where people can compare credit cards offered by different banks online at one place. This not only helps them in making an informed decision but also in getting the best credit card available in India. We simplify the application process: With our end-to-end paperless online application process, we have simplified the entire application process in a few simple steps.

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You don't have to visit the bank branch nor have to meet any bank representative to apply for a credit card. Simply, visit our website, compare various credit cards, choose one and apply for the same without leaving the comfort of home. Although most of us are quite familiar with credit cards and use them on a regular basis, there're many aspects of the cards, most of which are quite basic, about which we are quite ignorant about.

This section discusses all such things every credit card user must know. If you keep these points in mind, getting the right credit card shouldn't be too much of a problem. This means the borrowed amount which is not repaid on time attracts interest or finance charge. The interest charge is also applicable when you pay only the minimum amount due or anything less than the total amount due.

Further, cash withdrawals attract interest from the date of the transaction till the amount is repaid in full. The interest rate is charged at a monthly percentage rate or an annual percentage rate APR and varies from card to card. The issuer will communicate the rate of interest at the time of card issuance.

When managed properly, a credit card acts as an interest-free credit line. The grace period varies for each credit card transaction and the typical period ranges from 30 to 45 days. Transactions carried out at the beginning of your credit card billing cycle would provide you with a longer grace-period. However, the grace period is not applicable if the previous month's due has not been paid in full.

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Also, cash withdrawals using a credit card are not eligible for grace period. Interest on such transactions would be levied from the withdrawal date itself. The bill generation date depends on the date on which the credit card is first issued, and the same date will be followed for the subsequent months. Besides the bill amount which is also called the outstanding amount on the card, the statement also provides a detailed history of all the transactions conducted during the billing period.

It also reflects the total credit limit, available credit limit, cash limit, due date and other related information. However, if the total outstanding balance is less than a certain cut-off, say Rs. Your credit card comes with a pre-assigned credit limit. This limit is the total amount you can charge to your card. For example, if your credit card provider says that the credit limit on your card is Rs.

Each time you swipe your card, the amount is deducted from the total credit limit and each time you pay your bill, your credit limit increases by that amount. Credit card EMI is one of the useful features offered on credit cards.

There are various options to use the EMI facility. Credit cardholders with the first option can convert their purchases instantly into EMI while carrying out a transaction. The second option allows the users to convert any of the transactions or the total outstanding on the card into easy monthly installments EMI. However, the request for conversion should be made within a specific period from the date of the transaction, say days. While availing the facility, cardholders have the option to choose the repayment period which typically ranges from 3 to 24 months.

Once you opt for the facility, you need to repay the EMI amount every month. The associated principal amount and the interest charge, if applicable, will be added to the minimum amount due on the card. Banks offer amazing features on their credit cards. These features vary depending on the card provider and the type of credit card that people purchase.

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Some of them are as follows:. Reward Points Program: Most credit cards offer a reward points program, which allows cardholders to earn reward points on every transaction they make using their cards.

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A few exceptions to it is that fuel transactions, insurance payments, gold or gold jewellery purchases, utility bill payments, cash and EMI transactions are typically not eligible for reward points. The accrued reward points can be redeemed for various options offered in exclusive rewards catalogues provided by the issuers. However, card members need to earn minimum reward points before going for redemption. Airport Lounge Access: Complimentary airport lounge access and membership to Priority Pass Program are one of the most common features offered on most credit cards.

Though you may not find the features on a basic credit card, most next to basic credit card offers complimentary lounge access with a limited number of visits per year, free membership to airport priority pass programs and others.

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With such a feature on credit card, members can enjoy free lounge visits to both domestic and international airports. Insurance Coverage: While some premier cards provide a comprehensive insurance policy that provides coverage against air accident, life, lost baggage, lost card, outstanding, etc.

On other cards, the cover is limited to a few aspects. Global Acceptance: Today, most credit cards that are issued in India are international cards and are accepted by various merchants all over the world.

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Balance Transfer: Credit cardholders can transfer the outstanding balance of their existing cards issued by one bank to the credit card account of another bank. Doing so helps them in saving money and repaying the amount at a low rate of interest. Banks offer various balance transfer options to their cardholders allowing them to repay the amount on a monthly basis within a tenure of their choice.

They can either choose to convert the total outstanding on their card into EMI, a specific transaction, especially big-ticket purchases into EMI and can also convert merchant transactions into EMI. Generally, these plans have very attractive interest rates and different repayment tenures. The EMI conversion will be done with no other documentation and most of the times instant.

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