Truth on obomas birth certificate

His campaign posted it online. Reporters were allowed to hold it and examine its embossed state seal and signature stamp. It showed that he had been born in Honolulu, on August 4, , at P. Hawaiian officials attested to its accuracy. That there were any questions after that point is, in itself, a scandal. Indeed, that there were any questions before that point is outrageous. Candidates who say that they were born in the United States are generally not faced with nervous glances and requests to prove it. But Obama was, and, in , he did prove it. And yet, two and a half years after Obama released his birth certificate, Donald Trump began pushing the case that the birth certificate was not a birth certificate.

That is what Hawaiian birth certificates look like; this was, unambiguously, a Hawaiian state birth certificate. It is worth noting that for there to have been any sort of discrepancy between the certification and the certificate, multiple Hawaiian officials would have to have been involved in a fraud. No facts were harmed in the writing of this e-mail. No such story, no released transcript.

Spring 2011: Trump joins the movement

Fake story, wrong court procedure, bogus outcome. We take this stuff seriously so you don't have to. Would protect journalists from revealing confidential sources. No Muhammed or Mohammed in Obama's name. Complete distortion of the Bible. Obama attended an Indonesian public school. Obama sworn in on his Bible. The pundits, the pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue States: red states for Republicans, blue States for Democrats.

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Hillary Clinton and her campaign of started the Birther controversy. I finished it. You know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. I continue to believe this video contains perhaps the most revealing statement Trump ever made about birtherism.

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He has this moment of near total transparency about why Cantor should watch out about criticizing birthers. In a word, birtherism sells. It did start on the fringes and was perpetuated on the far right. And has been promoted and nurtured by Donald Trump for the past five years. Because, as you know, from the time African-Americans came here to Jamestown in , through the Dred Scott decision in the s, if you were African-American in this country, you could not be a citizen.

Whether you were slave or free or born here or born elsewhere, you could not be a citizen. And we had to fight a civil war and change the constitution to change that. I would explain it this way.

Trump: Obama Birth Certificate Needs Truth Test

But the media covers it as if it is only Donald Trump who has taken the—. I think the big question about Obama is not where he was born or his faith.

The big question about Obama has been— has he considered himself more of a globalist than an American? There is an otherness to this president. And people have tried to exploit that politically in different ways. The Clinton campaign tried to exploit it this way, the way their strategists said, by saying his lack of American roots is an issue.

The birth of the Obama 'birther' conspiracy

Trump held for five years, that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. He changed that position on Friday. It was pretty radical stuff. There was a volunteer in Iowa who was pushing this. Number two, it was Donald Trump who put the issue to rest when he got President Obama to release his birth certificate years later. This was a considerable amount of energy and time and money that he spent promoting this idea. Also, if you look at the Clinton campaign, they fired the one staffer who sent an e-mail about this immediately.

Donald Trump spent five years, his own money, called press conferences to promote this idea. So, I go back to my original question. Why did he change his mind, and when did he do it? Hillary Clinton was. And you know that the former D. So, the idea that Clinton — that people around Hillary Clinton were not responsible for this, Donald Trump in and , while the Clintons folks were pushing this theory, he was a successful businessman.

Trump on Birtherism: Wrong, and Wrong -

He was building things. So, things he said in the private sector, something he spent five years promoting, you said he got the birth certificate released and that put an end to it. For years after the birth certificate was released, he continued to question it, continued to question whether Barack Obama was born in the United States and whether the birth certificate was a fraud. Nobody confuses Hillary Clinton with Mariano Rivera.

Associates of Hillary Clinton started pushing the issue because Barack Obama came out of nowhere to them. Now, whose fault it was, you know, Hillary Clinton herself, her supporters, her interns, her staffers, clearly, it was something that was circulating in However, the point is, people are asking him about it. And he came out and said, listen, I was involved in trying to figure this out as well, and I have determined that the president was born in Hawaii, just like I have said for years.

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