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Programs are offered in accounting, administrative assistance, business mid-management, business software applications, childcare education, farm and production management, nursing and supervisory management. MATC — Reedsburg also offers customized labor training for area businesses. It is one of the largest of the Wisconsin Technical College System's 16 colleges and serves approximately 44, individuals, or about one in 12 district residents, annually.

It provides a comprehensive curriculum of technical, liberal arts and sciences, adult basic education and continuing education, as well as customized employee training. The college awards associate degrees, technical diplomas and certificates and offers classes that transfer to four-year degree programs. MATC is one of only three technical colleges in the state to offer a wide selection of liberal studies classes that transfer to four-year colleges and universities. MATC is the single largest source of students transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the UW System and is one of the state's leading providers of customized training for employers.

Please visit www. The world-class university offers undergraduate programs, Masters degree programs and Doctoral degree programs. UW-Madison also has professional degree programs in law, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Reedsburg Area Medical Center is an independent, nonprofit organization that is locally controlled. The modern facility has of 25 acute care beds,17 one day surgery beds, and in partnership with Reedsburg Area Senior Life Center, a 50 bed long term care and 24 apartment assisted living facility.

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RAMC offers the most progressive techniques in medicine and state-of-the-art technology, while retaining warm, personalized care for each patient. The Emergency Department is staffed hours a day with specially trained emergency room physicians. Information about sex offenders living around campus is important information for you to plan for your safety.

We also want to educate the campus community about other risks for sexual assault and relationship violence. Crisis intervention is available daily at the Counseling Center. You can find information on sexual assault, sexual harassment and other important topics. Contact Us. Report an Incident. On one hand, they provided counseling to the newly released offenders and helped them find housing and employment through their connections to the community.

On the other hand, parole officers monitored the progress of offenders and reported to the parole boards on any infractions Petersilia, By , about half of prisoners released in the United States were under parole supervision and by all states and the federal government had adopted parole systems Petersilia, Since earning parole meant demonstrating change and good behavior, much attention was given to the in-prison treatment of offenders and their reintegration process into society.

As a result, a vast array of correctional programs was introduced in the prison system. These included behavioral modification programs, vocational and education programs, group therapies, and work release programs. The majority of the correctional programs were mandatory, but had high rates of participation by offenders even when voluntary, in an effort to demonstrate good behavior for parole release purposes Ndrecka, These views were so widely embraced that in , the American Prison Association changed its name to the American Correctional Association.

For awhile, the American penal system kept its focus on the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders. In the early s the use of parole and indeterminate sentencing started to draw much criticism and the system started falling apart. To start, the unlimited discretion exercised in all stages of the criminal justice system started to be viewed as cruel and unfair. Parole boards had unlimited discretion in outlining the conditions of parole for offenders. Traditionally, parole boards were comprised of individuals selected to serve on boards based on party lines, not prior experience or expertise in the criminal justice system.

Decisions to release offenders were based on the seriousness of the crime; however, there was no consensus on what constituted a serious crime. Parole board hearings were closed to the public and more often than not, decisions about the fate of offenders were made on personal convictions. Race and gender of offenders frequently affected these decisions, resulting in sentencing disparities as cited in Petersilia, Furthermore, there was little evidence on the effectiveness of correctional programming on subsequent criminal activity.

In a famous study published by Martinson , he examined adult correctional programs mostly educational and their effectiveness on recidivism rates. Conservatives were concerned with the leniency of parole boards.

Critical Issues and Policy Directions

Furthermore, they proposed that indeterminate sentencing and individualized treatment should be replaced with specific penalties imposed for specific offenses, and the safety and security of society should take priority over the treatment of offenders Petersilia, They proposed an end of indeterminate sentencing and a framework for uniform sentencing guidelines to ensure equal treatment for all offenders. Ultimately, the attacks on indeterminate sentencing and parole worked. The focus of American penology shifted from rehabilitation and treatment of offenders to that of deterrence and incapacitation.

To encourage states in keeping offenders imprisoned to serve the majority of their sentence, in the U. Under this Act, states that adopted truth-in sentencing laws could obtain federal grants to construct more prisons and jails. As a result of the aforementioned policies, America saw an explosion in its prison population.

Beginning in , the imprisonment rates grew at a rate of six percent per year. This growth continued for the next 30 years. Because of tougher sentencing laws, even crimes that would have resulted in a probation sentence in the past were now being mandated to serve minimum sentences in prison. The Pew Center calculated incarceration rates compared to the American adult population and estimated that on any given day, about one percent of the U.

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Ndrecka, Mirlinda. Petersilia, J. New York: Oxford University Press. Phelps, Michelle Suzanne. Criminal Justice Reform.

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The meta-analytic study extracts data from a number of independent studies of the same subject in order to determine overall trends. Correctional programs vary tremendously in the type of treatment they offer, the type of offenders they are serving, the setting of the treatment program, its quality, and so forth. Meta-analysis was first used in the field of psychology and is commonly used in the behavioral sciences.

However, its use has increased in the field of criminology and criminal justice during the last three decades. Next, a mean effect size is calculated for all of the studies included in the meta-analysis. At the end of a long private drive is a red-brick building that doesn't look to be more than a single story tall. Despite the noticeable fences and barbed wire, it's not nearly as intimidating as the nearby prison. The Wisconsin Resource Center describes itself as "a leader in the development of innovative treatment methods". The WRC is, indeed, well-known for its quality of care, which is something seldom come across in the state of Wisconsin.

Sharon is a warm, friendly looking woman.


She's not the type I would imagine to be working with hardened criminals. She leads me into the building's administrative area: a large space filled with cubicles, reminiscent of a normal office building. For a moment, I almost forgot there was armed security men in the next room over. We enter a small conference room and take a seat.

My prior knowledge of the WRC is limited, and therefore I have little idea of what to expect from this conversation. What does your job entail? We manage our inmates in small groups. We have a mission for our population and we try to gear our treatment towards those goals. I work primarily with medium risk female offenders, overseeing everything from the operations, which includes things like laundry, mail, meals. I also supervise all of the staff. She doesn't often meet one-on-one with inmates, and when she does, it's mostly for troubleshooting purposes.

I did counseling there for three years. The demographic receiving treatment at the WRC skews high-risk.