Florida divorce on line parenting video

What is the difference between your traditional classroom course and your live video course?

Florida Parenting Class for Divorce for married or unmarried parents

A traditional classroom course is what we all remember from attending school. You leave home and travel to a building, sit in a classroom, and listen to a lecture. A live video course simply utilizes technology, to bring the course to you, in real time. Is the live video course accepted by the family Courts in Florida?

Our course meets all the requirements of Florida Statutes We have yet to see a family Court which did not accept our course. What are the benefits for doing the live video course? Do you offer a money back guarantee? Is offering courses via live video a new concept? All major Universities have now embraced distance learning. We are just extending technology to your benefit.

How much time does it take to complete this course? This is a four 4 hour course.

What states require parent education classes?

My attorney tells me that I must attend a live course. We got you covered. Attending our live video or traditional classroom course will satisfy your court requirement. Our video classes are broadcast live via video conference, moderated by a live DCF approved instructor, you attend in-person, and therefore satisfies the live attendance requirement of all Family Courts in Florida. Forward the link for this course to your attorney s and ask them to check us out for you.

Why Choose Us?

Do you offer fee waivers for this course? We do not offer fee waivers. Our courses are priced so that they are affordable to everyone. The course is at least four hours long.

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Fees: Varies by program. At judge's discretion, but more than half of Kentucky's 56 judicial circuits have some form of Divorce Parent Education. Some circuit courts require all parties in contested family cases involving children to attend these classes. A co-parenting class may discuss: how divorce impacts children and parents emotionally; changes in the parent-child relationship; transitions between households; communicating with children and with the other party; problem-solving, decision-making; and other topics. All divorcing parents with children under the age of 18 must take a parent education class.

Fees: Free of charge. Mandatory for parents who have children together and if they have contested custody or parenting time issues. Check your district court website for a list of approved divorce classes.

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Fees: Vary depending upon provider. All parents in a dissolution of marriage, legal separation or paternity action in which there are minor children 17 years and younger are required to attend a Parent Educational Program. Petitioner shall attend within 45 days of the filing of the original petition and Respondent shall attend within 45 days after service of process.

Parents may attend the court-sponsored program or any program approved by the Administrative Family Court Judge. Fees: Free if you attend a program in your county. Mandatory for parents filing a contested divorce. All parents filing for divorce with minor children must attend a four hour child impact seminar called "Children First. A Parent's Education Program is mandatory for parents filing for divorce. At judge's discretion. As of November 1, , all divorcing parents on the grounds of "incompatibility" with minor children must attend parent education classes.

Judges will decide how many hours are required and whether couples take the course separately or together.

All parties filing for divorce with minor children must attend a four hour seminar on the impact of divorce on children. Fees: Vary depending on program provider. Mandatory for parents in a divorce case. The court will not issue a decree until both parties have completed the course requirements and have presented a certificate of course completion to the court. You should complete the courses as soon as possible but no later than 60 days after filing the petition if you are the petitioner, or, if you are the respondent, no later than 30 days after being served with notice of the course requirements.

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The fee for the online course will not be discounted. The fees for the live courses are paid to the person teaching the class.

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  • Mandatory for parents with children who have contested divorces. The court may require the parties to attend a parent education seminar or program in uncontested cases only if the court finds good cause. The seminar or other program shall be a minimum of 4 hours in length and shall address the effects of separation or divorce on children, parenting responsibilities, options for conflict resolution and financial responsibilities.

    Both parties must attend a Parenting Seminar. The court may waive the seminar requirement for one or both parents in any case for good cause shown. Fees: Vary per location. Mandatory for divorcing parents with children.