Background computer program sapping xp

Can Windows Vista or XP do anything like that? So svchost. How do I know which program is the culprit calling svchost to do all the work? What about the dire warning you get when you elect to kill a process?

The 'duh' moment

I have experienced a serious crash after killing a running process. Try it and see if it works for you. This is great. Few things any of us do really uses much of the CPU burning DVDs, movie editing, etc are some examples that do … most of the time when you have a performance problem it is from another source than pure CPU usage. Four primary culprits are: disk access contention; memory saturation; network saturation; lock contention. Your comments indicate this is a percentage.

What are the difference between the two CPU usage percentages then? I still have not been able to figure out why some execute files such as iexplore. Thank you.

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AnVir Task Manager Free is no only a close competitor to Process Explorer, it puts an icon in the information area that, when clicked, brings up a little always-on-top window that tell you what your CPU usage is for every core , how many processes are active and which one or two processes are using the most. You are a wealth of information Leo! I wonder how accessible Process Explorer is with screen readers? I talked with Ryan who was very helpful. One of the things he did was try and perform some sort of scan at boot-up, but it refused to work after a few attempts.

So I think one thing I need to do is just try and figure all this stuff out. The svchost service processor-hogging problem which I have experienced, grinding the PC almost to a complete halt was mentioned.

This one did, it showed svchost. I wonder how because this program is not resources intensive. Most commonly a bug in Windows Update has been known to make this happen in the past. I recently started to use Malwarebytes Anti-malware program. I run a scan daily. Since then, I have found my data usage has increased alarmingly; is this new program using up all my data?

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Hi Bette, did you ever receive an answer to your question about whether or not malware bytes uses up your data when running it daily? I did not see a reply out here to your question. I am not sure if anyone is answering questions out here? Those are relatively small and are comparable to other antimalware programs in data usage.

Wow, Process Explorer helped quite a lot. So i killed the process and uninstalled that application. Thanks so much. Thank you, your article helped me identify and remove an unnecessary program that was using most of my cpu time and making the fan run at constant high speed.

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Thank you again! That would be some program running that is either a big program, or perhaps has a bug of some sort. Basically it is a program that is using a lot of your resources. You can adjust the number of seconds on the refresh under VIEW; Update Speed, and then pick a slower number of seconds so you can get a snapshot of the screen before it changes again. Great program, Leo! I just searched and found your answer to the exact same question I had and this program is indeed what I was looking for.

Thank you so much, was very helpful to determine that which file allocates much memory instantly then deciding what to do…. I appreciate your efforts and expertise… you have helped me on several occasions. Thanks a lot! Could be many different things svchost does many different things.

How to stop programs runnning at startup windows 7, Vista, or XP Tutorial

Most common is Windows Update. Excellent info, my poor little Allienware sys was running its fans at full pelt almost all the time. I was expecting the bearings to fall out soon. Since stopping that wretched windows update service and now system is running nice and quiet, great to have her back. I like ProcessExploerer too.

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Leo, you are a magic man! I have been at this problem for days and no website explained this as carefully and as well as you did. I feel like I just got cured from some disease! Sure enough it is my Windows 7 windows update. Now I have to figure out how to solve MS intrusion further. I had been having a heck of a time with updates, backups and defragging. Now it all adds up and MS is the villain and not my computer. I did run across many IT people with that very opinion and boy do I agree now!

Dear Mr. Notenboom, I built my own gaming system. It stalls the games I and others are playing, and usually kicks us off Steam game host pgm. I have tried to use Task Mgr to locate the high cpu usage in the processes tab, but the processor will not allow Task Mgr to open in time stalled to see what the process is.

That was when Win update would not ever finish until reboot. Processes tab lists in ascending or decending order whichever column heading you wish. I usually have CPU highlighted It then switches to the Services tab in Task mgr, and has highlighted each instance of the group of pgms that, say, Svchost. The offending process is usually svchost. Ofc, there are many instances of svchost running, but they have differing PID s I think.

How can I see what is actually, realtime, locking me up? I ran chkdsk on C: on reboot, and read Event Viewer, which had a line that said:. Task mgr shows no backgnd CPU usage anymore. Then I run svchost and it finds some errors.

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After that it is good for a while. Web CureIt. Recently, Win Update was inop and just hanged on searching for updates, and never finished, until reboot or thru taskmgr and end pgm but I had a complete cure with the info here:. Some of the info here may be a bit incirrect, because without the problem showing up, some of the Task Manager switches are not there, or do not act the same. To relist questions: 1. Did I get fragged by a malicious pgm that left something broken, even after it was removed? Could this svchost. Since scheduling a disk check on startup pretty much fixes it for a while, and I have found through your tutorial about Event Viewer wininit event , is there some known problem I have?

WHY is this OS so easily damaged or fail so easily? What can I do to not be a problem for my computer to try to overcome? I already scan all downloads. Your work is Most Excellent also! Thank you for attempting to reply, Mark Jacobs. Thus, some of the suggestions are irrelevant.

How we got from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

If I wait till the CPU usage stops, then there is no event to view. Is Leo there? Or can you please send me to a link that is not 10yrs old, and about WinXP? That may work, if it keeps running record of what WAS happening. If available, please run ISScript. Go to Solution. The ISScript.